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Trees and Mountains

Our Work

Programs and activities:


The following activities are hands-on learning experiences:

  • Evidence-based self-management diabetes training

  • Starting a garden (outdoor, container, crate, etc)

  • Promote traditional food practices using herbs, fruits, and vegetables

  • Training sessions focused on healthy behaviors

  • Healthy alternatives to eliminate unhealthy snacking

  • Collaborate on several projects building healthy nutrition for families

Sowing Good Seeds is developing processes with local colleges and global partners in Chester, PA, and Gainsville, FLThere is an opportunity to explore and develop common sense solutions to major social issues regarding our mission, goals, and positive impact.


Educational activities include:

  • Beginning farmer training

  • Introduction to herbal medicine for attributes of healing chronic diseases and changing social behavior

  • Early identification of plant pests and diseases

  • Developing a sustainable farm (Gainsville ONLY)

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Sowing Good Seeds, The Butterfly Effect: Healthy Living and Wellness (HLW) Program has established several organizational goals.  The program outcomes are evident on an ongoing basis during community activities, workshops, and feedback from surveys. We have educated 100's of people and continue to reach residents of the City of Chester and Delaware County so we can share the good news of Sowing Good Seeds through the Healthy Living and Wellness program.  We recognize that after many years the work we do has positively impacted the residents of Chester.  We intend to continue sharing our practices and training children and families through community outreach.  We will encourage participants of the HLW program to self-identify pre/post surveys their eating habits, current health challenges, and expected health and wellness goals. 

Healthy Living and Wellness (HLW)

Sowing Good Seeds for Healthy Living and Wellness (HLW) is a hands-on program developed to equip children and families with the skills to grow, prepare, and preserve nutritious meals for healthy living and wellness.  The program provides tools to improve health and nutritional options for the residents.  The program focuses on children and families and how they select nutritious food options to avoid eating processed food.  We encourage people to grow and prepare meal plans using fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm-to-table model.  The program provides a comprehensive process for growing, preparing, preserving, and planning nutritious options for healthy living and wellness.



The model of farm-to-table creates family togetherness.  This concept is a cornerstone to many cultural practices from our ancestors in the African American community.  Our ancestors were prideful in growing, preparing, and preserving plants.  They were very successful in eating healthy for longevity.  Sowing Good Seeds is establishing these cultural practices.   Sowing Good Seeds is a major contributor to the education and importance of homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables, producing nutritious meals and healthy diets.  Our program was designed to restore this culture, eliminating instant gratification from fast food, and corner store purchases.  Thus, changing the behaviors of residents for future generations.  While studies have shown eating healthy makes our bodies healthy, we at Sowing Good Seeds believe we can enjoy a blissful life with homegrown food and nutritious food preparation habits.  

Community Garden

Wholesome Roots Cultivating Communities

Wholesome Roots Cultivating Communities blossoms from Sowing Good Seeds, a non-profit that took root in Chester, PA, in 2016. With unwavering commitment, we expanded our reach to Gainesville, FL, joining forces with the Healthy Living and Wellness (HLW) Program. Our augmented vision now combines the richness of organic farming with the profound belief in using food as medicine.


Influenced deeply by Farm-to-Table Practices, Wholesome Roots Cultivating Communities is our pledge to promote health, restore lives, and foster unity through garden-based wellness initiatives. We are steadfast in our mission to elevate community health and wellness by establishing beneficial habits and a profound, medicinal relationship with the Earth's bounty.


The 1.4 acres of land we recently acquired in Williston is more than just soil; it embodies our hope and ambition of becoming a center of education, healing, and community growth. This sanctuary welcomes everyone: the youth, senior citizens, individuals regardless of their abilities, and citizens reintegrating from the criminal justice system. Each square foot will echo our philosophy of no-till organic gardening, operationalized through the "Wholesome Roots Cultivating Communities" program. Every step on this land translates into a curriculum module, weaving a tapestry of present learnings and future hopes.


Goals, Objectives & Solutions:


>Raise Awareness About Food Deserts: Combat the effects of food deserts in Gainesville, Florida, through community outreach initiatives and nurturing urban gardens.

>Empower Individuals and Families: Facilitate workshops and sessions, ensuring people gain sustainable cultivation, nutrition, and food preservation knowledge.

>Educate and Train: Spearhead seminars and practical training sessions, capitalizing on the expertise of agricultural professionals.

>Enhance Life Skills: Offer programs that focus on holistic development, including communication, teamwork, and essential self-management practices.

>Improve Community Health: Roll out wellness initiatives addressing health challenges and advocating for the therapeutic benefits of fresh produce.

>Collaborate with Educational Partners: Foster academic alliances, piloting research and development projects with renowned institutions.

>Expand Footprint and Reach: Engage more community members via events, engagements, and community-centered programs.

>Reduce Food and Healthcare Costs: Host community workshops that teach sustainable farming, promoting health and cost-efficiency.

>Promote Farm-to-Table Practices: Celebrate the significance of fresh produce via community harvest days and farmer markets.

>Encourage Physical Activity: Integrate wellness into farming with activities such as garden yoga sessions and group farming initiatives.


Core Pillars:

Learning and Growth: Our commitment is to nurture an evolving, informed community.

Inclusivity: Symbolizing diversity, mutual respect, and broad horizons.

Collaboration: Harmonizing with local institutions, global synergies, and community vibes.

Commitment: Advancing no-till organic gardening and championing holistic wellness.

Responsibility: Guided by ethics, we champion community elevation and nature's stewardship.

Vision: Crafting a community ingrained in its bond with fresh produce and the wisdom to foster it.

Values: Our foundation rests on community empowerment, holistic wellness, and green agriculture.

Distinctiveness: Fusing community engagement, green farming, and all-encompassing education, we provide a unique learning journey.

Target Audience: We embrace the entirety of Alachua County's residents, regardless of age, ability, or past, ensuring everyone finds their place.

Business Endeavors: From embracing farm-to-table values, pioneering educational workshops, to fostering networking opportunities, we cater to every community member's aspiration.

Wholesome Roots Cultivating Communities is more than just a program; it's a movement, intertwining sustainable agriculture with the age-old wisdom of food as medicine. Our concerted efforts aim to sculpt a realm where every individual not only understands the importance of fresh, healthy food but also imbibes its therapeutic essence for overall well-being. In unity, we cultivate, learn, and thrive.

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