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University of Florida Concessions

Be a part of the fun!! Calling for volunteers to help serve patrons of UF sporting events at the concession stands. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Gymnastics, Track & Field, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse & Volleyball. If you love sports, you will love this!!

Show off your talents and passion to lend a helping hand with food prep, cash handling, food running, managing, restocking & clean-up at UF's concessions:

  • The Grill

  • Grove Bar

  • Beer Carts

  • Grab & Go

  • Ice cream Cart

  • Pizza Stands

And More....

Perfect for college students who love to volunteer and for H.S. students seeking work experience and/or volunteer hours towards the "Bright Futures" Scholarship.

Sowing Good Seeds Farming

Sowing Good Seeds warmly invites enthusiastic individuals to join our volunteer team in cultivating 1.4 acres of farmland in Williston, Fl. We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and will be employing a no-till approach to nurture the land. If you possess expertise in horticulture, have a green thumb, have a passion for gardening, or simply want to get your hands dirty, we encourage you to become part of our community. Your helping hand will not only contribute to the growth of fresh, wholesome produce but also foster a sense of camaraderie and environmental stewardship.

Join us in this rewarding journey to connect with the earth and sow the seeds of positivity. Together, we can make a difference through the simple act of nurturing our land.

Farm Land

Composting & Soil


Biochar Fertilizer

Future   Projects   Coming   Soon

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