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Since 2016 we have been sharing with the community of Chester, Pennsylvania the importance of good nutrition through farm-to-table education. We have enhanced the wellness of children, adults, and impoverished families with self-management tools to empower sustainability. Sowing Good Seeds, The Butterfly Effect was established as a creative place-making workshop inspired by Judy Wicks.  Introduction to traditional cultural practices on the significance of growing, preparing, and preserving food has a healing effect on those suffering from chronic diseases.  A collaborative project with Chester Made and Widener University afforded the development of the Boundaries & Bridges Program which awarded a monetary stipend that contributed to the development of a successful creative place-making workshop.  Thus, the Pennsylvania incorporation resulted in Sowing Good Seeds, The Butterfly Effect in 2017.

Sowing Good Seeds is committed to education, training, and practices to increase participation in the healthy food movement. We host and serve as community volunteers, and as organizers where resources are available.  Thus, our residents are suffering often in silence, but to the extent, they exhibit unhealthy diets, poor mental health, and multiple chronic diseases.  The behavior changes and practices of Sowing Good Seeds will reduce the number of emergency and urgent care visits.  This will immediately impact the rising costs of healthcare in our community.  

We believe at Sowing Good Seeds teaching children and their parents about how to eat healthy at the lowest cost possible creates a synergistic community within the neighborhood.  Families enjoy working with us at Sowing Good Seeds, as we demonstrate the life cycle of a plant from its seed to maturity. Our residents take pride in growing food they can eat and the process creates love and excitement within families.  This is a cultural shift for our current generation, yet a very familiar practice for our ancestors.  Consistent practice of choosing nutritious food options restores balance to our diets and healthy living in our communities.  


Sowing Good Seeds The Butterfly Effect encourages physical activity to balance nutritional eating, such as yoga, which is critical to establishing healthy and overall total body wellness.

This practice of physical activity is important to restore and replenish the body. Healthy nutrition combined with physical activity helps eliminate obesity and chronic diseases often faced by residents of our impoverished community. We need vibrant and healthy residents in our community so we can embrace our collective creativity and total wellness.

Currently, the focus area of Sowing Good Seeds is Chester Pennsylvania, and Gainsville, FL. Chester is and has been a food desert for many decades. This plight affects over thirty-five thousand residents. It is an area comprised of minorities.  Studies found 52% of residents have general health conditions, poor eating habits with compromised health, such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. The available data reflects the urgency to raise awareness of healthy living options, including nutrition and physical activity.

Future Outlook:

Currently, Sowing Good Seeds is expanding into other cities/states in an effort to support more communities and spread the GOOD word about healthy living. We have recently collaborated with our partners in Gainesville, Fl. to further our fundraising opportunities by serving at The University of Florida Concessions.  This opportunity allows Sowing Good Seeds to offer volunteer hours to high school students, college students, and dedicated volunteers of the city of Gainesville. We plan to use monies raised to help fund local youth sports teams and educate the youth about the importance of healthy eating. Sowing Good Seeds is dedicated to supporting our communities through GOOD DEEDS, offering healthy options, and education of sustainable living. We are constantly organizing ideas to expand our contribution to local communities and welcome the support of volunteers and donors to help us achieve our goals.

In 2023 Sowing Good Seeds acquired green space near Gainsville, FL.  This area serves as a primary green space to demonstrate hands-on techniques and training for residents in the Gainsville area.  Residents would be welcome during seasonal schedules for onsite growing, harvesting, preserving, and selecting healthy fruits and vegetables. 


As we continue to successfully improve the nutritional options for children and families, we will work tirelessly to assist the community by reducing their food and healthcare costs through growing, planting, preparing, preserving healthy food options, and promoting healthy activity.


Chester, Pennsylvania

Gainesville, Florida


Incorporated on January 18, 2017, in Pennsylvania as a Foundation with a mission focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Sowing Good Seeds is about changing lives through GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS, and of course GOOD SEEDS. Healing of the mind, body, and heart. We REAP what we SOW. The GOOD LIFE is only sustainable by the GOOD WE DO! Some of Sowing Good Seeds' activities will include but are not limited to workshops on growing, preparing, and preserving healthy foods; discussions focused on social justice issues; planning and sponsoring community events; fundraising to support local projects and other non-profit organizations.


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